1,300 Animals Taken in Annually

  • Dale

  • Adopted on 12/10/17

Dale is a fun black and white gentleman who loves to survey his kingdom from up high!...

Sheldon is the reason they call dogs "Man's Best Friend"! This handsome man is an...

  • Lunar

  • Adopted on 12/9/17

Lunar is a sweet gentle old soul. She has an easygoing nature that would make her a...

  • Tom

  • Adopted on 12/8/17

  • Orion

  • Adopted on 12/7/17

Orion is a friendly, older gentlemen who loves attention! He enjoys all the good things...

  • Jack

  • Adopted on 12/6/17

Jack is the friendliest boy in the neighborhood that likes to say hi to everyone! This...

Reunited with her family!  This adorable little girl was found wandering around...

Macaroni is ready to steal your heart with his captivating green eyes! This very...

  • Taz

  • Adopted on 12/3/17

Taz is a handsome man that loves to explore! This guy is very smart and loves to learn....

  • Kade

  • Adopted on 12/2/17

  • Mika

  • Adopted on 12/2/17

  • Moby

  • Adopted on 12/2/17

Moby is a very sweet little guy with lots of cuddles to give! This little kitten is...

  • Ellie

  • Adopted on 12/2/17

  • Rowdy

  • Adopted on 12/2/17

Rowdy is a sweet gentleman that gets along with everyone! This handsome boy has sweet...