Adoption Events & Transfers

Transfers Save Lives!

We work with many local and regional animal welfare organizations in an effort to save more lives and reduce euthanasia numbers, and provide our community with adoptable pets so that adoption is a first option.
We also work closely with Dog Is My CoPilot and New Beginnings in Merced, California. Both organizations help to save the lives of many pets. We recently partipated in Wings of Rescue lifesaving mission in November 2015. 
Interested in Partnering with us?
The Humane Society of Western Montana receives daily calls and emails from shelters and rescues requesting help with overcrowding. We are committed to SAVING EVERY ANIMAL EVERY TIME by being a leading resource for companion pets and people throughout Western Montana.

Saving lives is crucial, but there is much more to consider. Our focus is:

Working with communities that have programs in place to reduce the pet population
Partnering with adopters, overcrowded Source shelters and helping companion pets all in an effort to benefit Western Montana
We believe that only looking at pets in our community can be short-sighted and there are many wonderful pets in other communities dying while families in Western Montana are lookign to adopt. We also believe that every life has meaning and value, regardless of location of origin.

We focus on the following:

Public health and safety
Transferring pets from areas of high overpopulation to areas in Montana with unmet demand reduces the pet population in the US
Not turning away a local pet because of transfers
Working with 501(c)3 or municipal agencies
All parties must be committed to abiding by all local, state and federal regulations
Humane standards of care must exist for every pet being transported
If you would like more information, please read our transfer program guidelines.

If you would like to partner with us, please fill our our transfer agreement and email it to Nicole at