Adopted on 6/24/18
  • German Shepherd
  • Male, 12 weeks
  • Ralphie has special medical needs

COURTESY LISTING- Please call 303-386-5862 or 504-444-1918 for more information on this pet.

Ralphie is currently being fostered by a veterinarian after his original family could not address his his medical needs.  Ralphie has undergone extensive evaluations to rule out some common ailments and has been diagnosed with atypical Addison's disease, possible limbic epilepsy (affecting salivary glands), and an unknown inflammatory condition of the GI track. These conditions should be manageable through medications and diet though we do not know how they may progress. That being said, he is doing well for now and has a desire to be playful and explore.

Despite his medical issues, Ralphie is cute, loving, playful, and smart. He has already learned several basic commands and is well on his way to being house and crate trained. He needs a loving, financially-stable home willing to take care of him and continue with his training (he is a puppy after all!). He does get along with dogs and people, and we have made sure to socialize him and introduce him to many new situations. Though we cannot provide financial support, Luke is happy to continue working as his veterinarian to make sure his unique case continues to be managed as well as possible.

This featured pet is not available at the Humane Society of Western Montana. This is a courtesy listing for a family seeking to rehome their own pet. Please contact the number listed above.

The Humane Society of Western Montana makes no claims about and is not responsible for any health conditions and/or behavior issues this pet may have.

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