• Friendly, clever, easygoing
  • Female, 8 yrs
  • 35 lbs, short-smooth coat

If you drew a cartoon character dog, Sadie would be your pup. This goofy, adorable girl loves being around her people and following her nose wherever it goes! Sadie likes to make her humans earn their keep - she loves fetch, but drops it just a few feet in front of your shoes, so you get a little exercise. Meal times are fast-paced and high energy - she'll keep checking that you're still watching her, because if you aren't, she may mosey over to the other dog's dinner and help herself to that one, as well!

Clever Sadie has lived with another dog and enjoys playing with a variety of pups! She knows 'take it gentle,' 'sit,' and 'lie down,' and will do anything for a treat! Sadie's nose can sometimes lead her on grand adventures, so she is looking for a family who will make sure doors are latched and that she is on leash when she's outside the yard. Sadie LOVES hiking and has lots of 'get up and go' for adventures up Blue Mountain!

Come visit Sadie today! 


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