• sensitive, playful, lovely
  • female, spayed
  • ~2 years

Meet Grace! Grace is a sweet and sensitive dog who loves running in her yard and chasing sprinklers. She is a very easy keeper in the home. Grace is house trained and loves her crate - she even puts herself in her 'room' if she wants a nap! Grace's former home had a 4' fenced yard and even though she is a big dog, she never tried to escape - good girl Grace!

Grace is a gentle giant but she is skittish around new things. She used to be afraid of little things like plastic bags, but overcame her fears as she settled into her home. Some things, like the vacuum, are still scary to her though! Grace has done well with children and other dogs in her home. She played with them and cuddled with them all! But Grace did not do well with the senior dog as the senior's health was failing. When the senior dog slipped on the floor, Grace got startled and got into a fight. Because of Grace's sensitivities, she would do best in an adult home (or home with older kids). Grace's family shared that they never saw any aggression towards people, but that Grace was afraid of visitors - she'd bark and then run away. Grace would love a quiet home with a yard to run in and plenty of antlers to chew on. She is a goofy, playful puppy once she settles in, and especially with her family!

If you are looking for a sweet but introverted dog who would be content with a yard, cuddles, fetch (and maybe some sprinklers to run through in the summer), Grace will brighten your life with her soulful, gentle demeanor!

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