• bouncy, bashful, adventurous
  • female, spayed
  • ~1.5 years

I'm Harper and I am fiercely loyal, goofy, and always down for a snack (especially squeeze cheese)... but I’ve been overlooked for a while now because I'm an introvert. Not all of us can be Golden Retrievers, y'know? Because I'll form such a strong and fulfilling bond with my family, I am reluctant to make friends with strangers. Strangers smell funny and try to touch my face without asking... talk about rude! Yes, I prefer movies and cuddling with my people to backyard bashes or visitors coming to my house; what's so wrong with that? I’d also prefer a home where I don’t have to run into strangers all that often with their weird hats while I’m trying to sniff, so apartment living or downtown neighborhoods are not my style. With my new person or people, I promise I’ll be the PB to your J, the Mac to your Cheese. If you're an introvert like me who just wants a companion to take walks and share the aforementioned cheese with, I'm your gal! And don’t worry, I don’t mind staying behind if you want to hang out with friends or family! I’ll take a long luxurious nap and greet you at the front door with big wiggles so we can get back to being best pals.

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