• sensitive, smart, routine-oriented
  • female, spayed
  • 15 months, 68 lbs.

COURTESY LISTING- This dog is not at the Humane Society of Western Montana. Please contact or 303-968-0608 for more information on this pet.

Meet Jazzy! She's a 15-month-old Shepherd mix (50% German Shepherd, mixed with Vizsla, Husky and hound) whom we rescued from another shelter when she was about 6 months old. She did not have much socialization while at the shelter which has caused her to be a bit fearful and timid but we have done extensive positive reinforcement training with her and she has made incredible improvements! 

Jazzy will do wonderfully with a person who has some experience working with fearful dogs or BAT training. She doesn't need a ton of obedience training, she just needs someone who understands and accepts her limitations and does not try to push her out of her comfort zone. Helping her overcome her fears by building confidence and a trusting relationship is key. Jazzy is not the type of dog that wants to go everywhere with you. She gets anxious/fearful with travel and doesn’t exactly like car rides. She is more of a homebody who loves taking naps in the sunshine! Meeting Jazzy will most likely require a couple of slow introductions, but for the right person, she is going to be a wonderful friend and family member.

Jazzy is completely potty and crate trained and we have never had any issues with her chewing things up in the house. She knows how to sit, lay down, stay, come and heel. She doesn't jump up on people either, which is awesome. She requires patience when it comes to obedience outside as she easily becomes fearful with noises such as cars, motorcycles, construction work, etc. Jazzy is a very cuddly and affectionate girl and loves belly rubs. She is still a puppy so she does like to play some, but overall she is a very chill dog. Her idea of a perfect play session is some gentle tug-o-war, hide and seek with her toys, chasing a ball, or just chewing on a stick or a toy. Jazzy does enjoy going on walks but prefers quiet neighborhoods. As of right now, she still doesn't love busy parks or going on walks on busy streets with lots of traffic. She does, however, LOVE going on hikes, especially ones where there is little foot traffic.

Jazzy requires a slow introduction to new people and environments. She can be timid towards strangers and sometimes it takes her a while to warm up to new people. She has had plenty of socialization with dogs and loves playing with nearly every dog she has met. She has been around dogs of all sizes, as well as cats. She is mostly scared of cats but would be willing to play with them if they are playful. She would likely do well in a home with other animals, but a slow proper introduction into the home would be needed. She has had some socialization to children but due to her fearful tendencies, I would be hesitant to adopt her to a family with children. 

This featured pet is not available at the Humane Society of Western Montana.  This is a courtesy listing for another shelter or individual looking to adopt out a pet.  Please contact the number or email listed above. The Humane Society of Western Montana makes no claims about and is not responsible for any health conditions and/or behavior issues this pet may have.

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