Adoption Information

The Humane Society of Western Montana is dedicated to finding a lifelong home for every adoptable animal. We strive to provide a facilitative adoption process and create successful matches for adopters and the animals in our care.

Steps to Adopt

  1. Visit the Humane Society

    Adopters can view adoptable pets online or at our facility in Missoula. If you are planning on adopting , please bring photo identification and a completed adopter survey. Dog adopters should also plan on introducing prospective pets to all family members, people, and dogs (the cats can stay at home).

  2. Check the Status

    Check the status of the animal(s) you are interested in learning more about. Most of the pets at the shelter are ready to go home, but not every animal is available for adoption yet. Some may be lost pets waiting to be reunited with their family. Some may be adopted or fostered by a prospective family. Other pets may be a part of our H.O.P.E. Foster Program and at home with a short-term foster family.

  3. Talk to an Adoption Specialist

    One of our knowledgeable Adoption Specialists will help you get to know the pets you are considering adopting. If you are uncertain or having difficulty choosing a pet, our Adoption Specialists can make suggestions based on your Adoption Profile and one-on-one conversation as to which kind of animal you may want to add to your home.

    Contact an Adoption Specialist

  4. Adoption

    Once you have Met Your Match and your Adoption Specialist has answered your questions we will complete the adoption process by scheduling a spay/neuter appointment (if needed), providing a counseling session catered to your pet’s and family’s needs and providing you with your new pet’s medical records and assessment results.

    Your new pet will go home with a collar and id tag, a carrier or leash, vaccination/medical records, and a free veterinary exam.

Adoption Fees and Policy

The Humane Society of Western Montana’s adoption fees are based on an animal’s species, age, breed, temperament and physical condition. Some animals are more desired by adopting families: small breed dogs and puppies, purebred dogs and puppies, some purebred cats and kittens, etc. These animals may be designated as Ambassador Pets and their higher adoption fee will help to provide quality care for all the other animals at the Humane Society.

Adult Cats $50
Adult Dogs $100
Kittens (<5 months) $125
Puppies (<5 months) $200
Ambassador Pets $250
Spayed/neutered ferrets $45
Rabbits (adopters will purchase an additional $50 spay/neuter certificate with unaltered rabbits) $25
Guinea pigs, etc. $15
Rats, hamsters and mice $10
Other Species Fee Varies
*The Humane Society will schedule and transport the pet to their spay/neuter surgery for an unaltered pet and the adopter will be responsible for the cost of the surgery.

Animals available for adoption at the Humane Society have received medical and behavioral evaluations. All pets receive a medical exam and basic vaccinations by the trained PAWS team. Additional veterinary care is often provided, as needed.

Our adopters take home a new family member plus the tools and information needed to help create a lasting bond and a fulfilling relationship. Adoption fees include vaccinations and de-worming, a collar and id tag, a cat carrier or dog leash, a scratching board, a free post-adoption veterinary exam and adoption counseling from an Adoption Specialist customized for the adopter and the pet they have chosen.

In addition to the fees, adoptive owners might be asked to pay a $15.00 rabies certificate fee for dogs, cats and ferrets over three months of age who are not yet vaccinated. Click here to read our Adoption Policy.

Thank you to the Max and Betty Swanson Foundation for underwriting the cost of our identification PRogram (COLLARS, ID TAGS AND MICROCHIPS) for shelter pets in 2016!

Adoption Programs

The Humane Society of Western Montana has several adoption programs designed to encourage successful matches.

Seniors for Seniors

Our Seniors for Seniors program encourages the adoption of older companions by waiving the adoption fee of animals seven years or older for adopters over the age of 60. Older pets make instant companions, are already house-trained, and have grown out of pestering adolescent behaviors.

Buddy Adoptions

As part of our Buddy Adoption program, the Humane Society waives the adoption fee of one cat or kitten when a family has chosen to take home two. Adopting a pair of cats or kittens is great not only because adopters save two lives instead of one, but because:

  • Some cats rely on and have formed lasting bonds with their housemate
  • Kittens are active and become bored (and troublesome) quickly; a fellow kitten gives them a constant playmate
  • A pair of playmates will be less irksome to older resident cats

Headed Home Reservation

Once you’ve met the pet you wish to adopt, we are more than happy to place a Headed Home Reservation for this pet if you are unable to adopt that day. The Headed Home Reservation is a non-refundable $20 fee that will reserve that pet for you until 2 pm the next business day. All holds fees are contributed to the Humane Society's Nandi Wishcamper Fund to support pets from low-income families in our community.