Grey Muzzle Organization Grant Recipient

The Humane Society of Western Montana is excited to partner with the Grey Muzzle Organization to help fund life-saving veterinary care for senior pets living with their forever families. A $3,000 Grey Muzzle grant to the Humane Society’s Nandi Wishcamper Senior Fund will award families funds to put towards expensive veterinary care for their dogs age 7+.

When senior pets end up in animal shelters or rescues, they often stay much longer than younger animals, hoping for a home of their own. To keep these older pets with their families, and to prevent them from entering a shelter, the Humane Society’s Nandi Wishcamper Fund provides funding to those in financial need to cover the cost of urgent veterinary care for their four-legged companions. Financial awards to families are often coupled with similar awards from Friends of the Shelter, Missoula Animal Control’s auxiliary 501(c)3 nonprofit fund.

While the Nandi Fund is available for both dogs and cats of all ages, the Grey Muzzle grant is dedicated to dogs age 7+.

The Nandi Fund originated in 2009 after Nandi, an 8 year-old German Shorthair Pointer, suddenly died. Her family set up this Fund in her memory to help people keep their pets.

The Humane Society is committed to Saving Every Animal. Every Time. and focuses on programs that help people keep their pets, including low-cost dog training, a free pet behavior helpline, microchipping, a pet food and supply bank, and more.

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