Pet Therapy Program

De-Stress with HSWM's New Pet Therapy Program!

We all appreciate what our pets do for us on a daily basis: they convince us to take a healthy stroll, make us laugh, and remind us that their love is steadfast.

A growing body of research shows that the mental, social, and physiological benefits of companion animals are incredibly powerful, not just for pet owners, but also for individuals without pets! Studies show that petting an animal can increase levels of oxytocin in humans, a hormone that reduces anxiety and blood pressure; and we could all use a little more of that in our busy lives!

HSWM is proud to introduce our new Pet Therapy program, a free community outreach program designed to give back to our supporters! Each month we will bring a deserving business or organization several friendly shelter pets to love on and destress with! If you know of an organization in need of some stress reduction, use the form below to nominate the next recipient of shelter pet cuddles!

Nominate an organization here!