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PetWorks Care Clinic



Please see our PetWorks Care Clinc FAQ's for additional information about these clinics.

PetWorks Care Clinics promote family health, happiness and well-being by removing barriers to preventive, holistic pet care. We offer (at no cost):

  • A wellness appointment with a veterinarian for vaccines and basic medical advice
  • Training tips for common pet-related problems
  • Collars, leashes, and tags for pet identification
  • Microchipping for the times the tags are missing
  • Humane Education

These clinics are offered to low income clients who fall within the guidelines found in our PetWorks Care Clinic FAQ's. However, we recognize that financial challenges can occur for a variety of reasons and that sometimes a financial crisis can develop suddenly. We do not want your best friend and family to suffer because you are experiencing hardship.

Petworks Care Clinics are made possible by The Max & Betty Swanson Foundation.

Low Income Spay/Neuter Services


Low Income Cat Clinics

We offer small clinics for cats andkittens at the Humane Society as funds are available. These appointments are for families qualifying for low-income status and those who cannot afford to go to their regular veterinarian. We schedule appointments for upcoming clinics as the dates are posted below. To secure a spot in an upcoming clinic, please stop by the shelter to submit your application and the $25 co-pay, or mail the application with your payment to 5930 Highway 93 South, Missoula MT 59804. Space is very limited and you must register in advance. Our Clinic Coordinator will contact you after your paperwork has been submitted.

Click here for the Low Income Spay/Neuter Application


Spay/Neuter Assistance for Feral Cat Colonies

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a program for feral cats designed to reduce the stray and feral cat populations in the community. Currently we are only able to offer this service to residents outside of Missoula County. TNR is widely accepted as the most humane and effective way of managing and reducing free roaming cat populations. The Humane Society of Western Montana offers a comprehensive TNR program for feral cat colony caregivers, including free trap rental and spay/neuter assistance. Social and adoptable cats and kittens will be admitted to the Humane Society's adoption program, while the remainder of the colony will be spayed or neutered, ear tipped, receive a rabies vaccination and be returned to the colony. Participation in our TNR program is free of charge, but we encourage donations to help continue the program.

To apply for assistance with feral cats, please download and complete the   and tracking list and mail it to:

Humane Society of Western Montana
Attn: TNR Program
5930 Hwy 93 South
Missoula, MT 59804

TNR appointments for feral cats will be established only after the completed application and tracking list has been received.  The Clinic Coordinator will contact you after your paperwork has been submitted. 
Visit Alley Cat Allies or ASPCA for more information on feral cats or to learn more about the benefits of TNR.


We are currently unable to offer low-cost surgeries for dogs

Please check with Animal Control at 541-7387 (must reside in Missoula County) for dog clinic options. For lower cost vets we recommend calling Five Valleys Vet, Pruyn or Missoula Vet for price quotes.

Veterinary Financial Assistance

Finding Help for Veterinary Bills

  • Look into national and regional organizations who may be able to help. HSUS and Best Friends offer resource pages with lists of organizations providing information about paying veterinary bills and veterinary assistance funds.
  • Consider crowdfunding through websites like GoFundMe or Waggle.
  • Consider temporary credit from resources like CareCredit or Scratchpay.

Nandi Wishcamper Medical Assistance Fund

The Humane Society of Western Montana’s  Nandi Wishcamper Veterinary Assistance Fund assists families and individuals undergoing financial stress who need help caring for their pet’s medical needs or paying medical bills. Examples of procedures covered include:  vaccinations, diagnostic testing, x-rays, lab work, surgical procedures and grooming. We are unable to provide assistance for on-going, maintenance care of a diagnosed issue.

To apply for financial assistance through our Nandi Wishcamper Medical Assistance Fund, please fill out the application form. In order to process your application, we also need an estimate or invoice from the treating veterinarian before we can determine any contributions. Invoices/estimates can be emailed to, dropped off in person at the shelter or mailed. Please note that we are only able to submit financial assistance to veterinarians; we are not able to reimburse individuals at this time. Also, please be aware that we have very limited funding and are often limited to contributing to pets residing in or near the Missoula area. As funds are available, we offer one-time, partial assistance for diagnostic exams and treatment.

Assistance for senior pets adopted from HSWM is provided by our Monica’s Joy Fund, supporting the special needs of shelter senior pets.


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