Ken Shughart Award

We can't wait to be with you all again! Stay tuned for more details on a 2021 Ken Shughart Award event. 

Ken Shughart Award

Each year the Humane Society of Western Montana recognizes a person who demonstrates extraordinary personal initiative toward improving the welfare of animals with the presentation of the Ken Shughart Award. Last year our event was entirely online - we are so excited to all be together in person again soon. 

About Ken Shughart Jr.

Ken Shughart Jr. was a wizard mechanic, a pillar of Missoula softball and a friend to overlooked animals. When he died in 1997, he was Board President of the Missoula Humane Society, where he had been a moving force for 13 years.

He was known for his long ponytail, his wrench earring and his altruistic dedication to animals, especially cats. His home was blessed with many feline and canine friends.

Ken hoped that his death at only 46 could bring some benefit to the Humane Society. He asked his volunteers to have ‘every member get a member.’ If everyone brought in somebody, he thought, there would be double the support for unwanted and lost animals.

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