Community Service

Thank you for looking to the Humane Society of Western Montana to complete your community service hours or to develop a community service project with your class or group. We are grateful that you want your community service hours to benefit the animals here. 

Community Service Options

COVID-19 Update:

We cannot currently offer any in-person group volunteering. We would be happy to accomodate 

For school groups or students: We have a limited number of community service projects available each year so we encourage you to sign up at least 2 months before your project is due.  When you are accepted for your community service hours, we are happy to sign off on any required hours and paperwork.  As with all volunteering at the Humane Society, volunteers working directly at the shelter must be 18 years old or be accompanied by a parent/guardian or adult chaperone.  If you are under 18 years old and looking to complete community service hours, we encourage you to work on an independent community service project like the high school senior projects lsited below.  

For corporate groups or clubs:  Please go to our Groups page here.

For individuals looking to fulfill a mandated community service requirement: Due to the training required to work with shelter pets and the fleeting nature of community service volunteers, we match volunteers working toward an hours requirement with cleaning and maintenance roles. Email the Volunteer Coordinator at to learn more.

High School Senior Projects:

Due to limited staff resources we can't support many senior project per year and we are unable to accommodate last minute requests. In order to obtain a mentor and complete your senior project through the Humane Society, you must submit a clearly written complete project proposal.  Please include as many details as possible including whether you are looking to work with shelter pets, specifically what you need to do at the shelter, what training and support you may need and what you would need from a mentor.  Please note that we prioritize the most organized projects and urge you to have a detailed plan including your project plan and goals before requesting a mentor.  Typically, fundraising projects are the easiest to accommodate but we are very open to thoughtful, organized projects of your own choosing. Some previously successful project ideas include:

  • Feral cat colony support (creating winter housing for feral cat colonies and packing colony caretaker kits)
  • In-kind donation drive through a school, church or workplace (see our wishlist for items we always need)
  • Developing, creating, and presenting a humane education curriculum on a shelter related topic of your choice
  • Organizing a fundraising event like a car wash, bake sale or garage sale and use the profits to donate to general pet care or a specific fund like our Emily Kantor medical assistance fund

Please submit your proposal to the Volunteer Coordinator at