Current Volunteers

We love our volunteers! Volunteer fill roles in every area of the shelter, from socializing dogs and cats to assisting the medical team in surgeries.

Whether you're a current volunteer or a past volunteer, we love seeing you around the shelter!

The Volunteer Information Center

We use an internal web-based system for volunteer managment including logging hours, managing the schedule, and more. If you can't make it to a shift you're scheduled for, please call the shelter or email the Community Engagement Coordinator to let us know.

If you are an established volunteer and need access to the Volunteer Information Center, please email the Community Engagement Coordinator at

If you have to step back from regular volunteering but want to stay on periodically, let Meredith know and you can be listed as a substitute, filling in random shifts whenever your schedule allows. We appreciate any help we can get! It’s always better for the shelter to keep a volunteer in a smaller capacity than to have to train someone new.



Email the us at