1,300 Animals Taken in Annually

We are committed to Saving Every Animal Every Time by being a leading resource for companion animals and their people throughout Western Montana. Learn More

  • Black and Tan Hound
  • male/yes
  • 5 years
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  • Chihuahua mix
  • Male
  • 10 months
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  • Pit Bull mix
  • Male neutered
  • 5 years
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  • Terrier mix
  • Female`spayed
  • Adult
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98% Adoption Rate

You Can Help!

The Humane Society of Western Montana relies on the  generosity of our community to provide programs and services for pets and people. Thank you for continuing to help us maintain a 98% adoption rate since 2010.


If you love 'em, leave your dog at home!

It's not cool to leave your dog in a hot car--learn why cars heat up so quickly and why pets can't cool themselves off as quickly as humans. 

If you see a dog in distress, act quickly!

  • Write down the make, model and license plate and ask the store manager to quickly page the owner.
  • If you are not near a business and it's between 7:30pm and 5:00pm, call Missoula City-County Animal Control at 541-7387.
  • After hours, call 911.

Leaving a dog in a car for 'just a few minutes' may be too long. by the time a dog is exhibiting symptoms of heatstroke--lethergy, heavy panting, confusion--it's often too late. If you think your dog has heatstroke, call your veterinarian right away or go to the nearest pet emergency clinic. 

To read the press release, click here.

To print a 'My Dog is Cool' pledge for you and your kids to sign, click here.

To print a sign to hang up at your business, click here.

A Successful Adopt-a-Cat Month!:  45 cat and kittens found new homes

Thank you to all the families and donors who adopted a cat and donated to our Cat Corner Spruce-up Fund in June. We are excited to start renovating and updating this space to make it enjoyable and enriching for cats, adotpers and volunteers. Stay tuned for photos as we begin the work!

Goal:  $1500

Raised:  $4202

Get ready for the 6th Annual Canine Classic at The Resort at Paws Up!

It's almost summer, which means it's almost time for Canine Classic Fundraising! Our Canine Classic Fundraising and registration website is up, so sign up now and help us in our mission of Saving Every Animal every time!

Also, back this year by popular demand is the famed Wine & Bitch dinner. Hosted the night before the Canine Classic, this will be a delicious dinner put together by Paws Up's excellent chef Ben Jones, with only the best of wine accompaniments. Plus, Paws Up accomodations are "locally-priced" for the evening before the run so you can make a weekend of it!

Register or sign up as a fundraiser here.

BAT dog training seminar

Does your dog bark at other dogs?  Is she afraid of new people or dogs? Does she seem frustrated if she doesn't get what she wants?  This seminar is for you!  Thanks to the generosity of...

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten is the perfect place to begin your new puppy's education. In this class your puppy will get to practice two of the most important life lessons- socialization and bite inhibition. Many...