1,300 Animals Taken in Annually

We are committed to Saving Every Animal Every Time by being a leading resource for companion animals and their people throughout Western Montana. Learn More

  • Shep x
  • male/neutered
  • 2 years
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  • Lab mix
  • Female
  • ~1 year
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  • Pit Bull mix
  • Male neutered
  • 5 years
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  • Golden Retriever/Chow chow
  • Male, neutered
  • 8 years
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98% Adoption Rate

You Can Help!

The Humane Society of Western Montana relies on the  generosity of our community to provide programs and services for pets and people. Thank you for continuing to help us maintain a 98% adoption rate since 2010.


We cannot thank our amazing animal-loving community enough!

With your support, we surpassed our $40,000 goal to raise nearly $42,000 at the 2014 Canine Classic & Wine + Bitch at Paws Up. We can't wait until next year, and will post the date as soon as we can so you can mark your calendars.

Thank you for your dedication to Saving Every Animal Every Time!

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten is the perfect place to begin your new puppy's education. In this class your puppy will get to practice two of the most important life lessons- socialization and bite inhibition. Many...