Our Training Philosophy

Training designed to bring joy – positive reinforcement leads to positive results.

The Humane Society of Western Montana (HSWM) opposes cruel or harsh training methods. HSWM advocates for training methods with an emphasis on rewarding desired behaviors and managing undesirable behaviors using clear and consistent instruction.

Physical and psychological intimidation can hinder effective training and damage relationships between humans and companion animals. HSWM opposes training equipment that can cause physical harm or unnecessary distress to the pet. We believe training is an important component of having companion animals, and pets thrive in an environment that provides them with clear structure and communication.

About Our Trainers

All HSWM trainers are required to complete a formal training process, and receive certifications such as Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) or equivalent. Consistent with our position statement regarding training, we use positive, dog-friendly training methods and will show you how to teach your dog to respond to verbal cues and hand signals. Our instructors have experience in everything from puppy socialization and basic manners training to behavior modification for reactive and fearful dogs.