Behavior Helpline & Resources

Are you having concerns about your pet’s behavior? Don’t wait for your concern to become a crisis!

Our goal is to help keep pets where they are happiest – in their homes. Many problems can be resolved through proactive management and training, and we are here to help you navigate! We also offer free materials below that may address some common concerns pet parents face.

Behavior Helpline

The Humane Society of Western Montana’s Behavior Helpline is a FREE consultation service for anyone with mild or moderate concerns about their animal’s behavior, even if you did not adopt from HSWM or live across the country. The Helpline is designed to provide guidance for concerns like leash reactivity, introducing a new furry family member, house soiling or puppy nipping and biting.

For more complex concerns, like significant human and/or dog aggression including bites, we are happy to help you and your pet through a scheduled Behavior Consultation with a certified professional trainer.

By providing details about your pet in advance on the forms below, we will be able to maximize your time during your helpline call or scheduled behavior consultation.

Alternatively, you can call and leave a message at 406-549-9295 if you are unable to complete the above forms.