Our Mission

The Humane Society of Western Montana builds opportunities for pets and people to thrive.

In support of this mission, we:

  • Help pets stay in their homes by providing accessible and affordable programs
  • Provide physical, emotional and medical care for the animals in our shelter
  • Match people with pets to enrich each others’ lives
  • Advocate on issues affecting the welfare of companion animals across the state

Our Story

The Humane Society of Western Montana was incorporated in 1963 as the Missoula Humane Society. At that time, our community had a considerable overpopulation of pets. So much so that thousands came through our doors and difficult decisions were made. Fast forward to the present and there is much to celebrate. Our community embraced spay/neuter programs and as a result, the sheer volume of pets coming through our doors for rehoming dropped from over 8,000 to approximately 1,400.

HSWM is grateful for the work of all our volunteers and staff over the years. We wish our work was done. However, in many ways it is just beginning. When we consider pet welfare across the state, there are many areas where spay/neuter has simply been an unavailable and unaffordable service. There are communities where pet populations are at unsustainable levels and dogs and cats go hungry. People and pets in those areas need our help. And, as costs rise, many here in Missoula are now finding they cannot afford care. This is why we offer free vaccine clinics, low cost spay neuter services and travel long distances to provide care to underserved clients and pets. Through our programs, which include a robust foster care system, food pantry, behavior hotline and veterinary care, we serve more animals outside the shelter than within our walls. And we are growing. 

Our Funding

The Humane Society of Western Montana is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are not a subsidiary of any other organization and we receive no government funding. We rely solely on the love and financial support of generous donors, events and funds received through grants. We are governed by a talented Board of Directors who give generously of their time to advance our mission.