Outreach & Impact

Our outreach program evolved out of our desire to support and connect with pet owners and animal caretakers across Montana with no access to veterinary services. We do this by:

  • Reaching under-resourced communities
  • Developing a sustainable community-minded model 
  • Providing holistic support for the entire animal 
  • Prioritizing the human-animal bond 
  • Employing best practices in all areas
  • Listening to the cultures we’re working with and creating solutions to meet the community’s needs
  • Limiting the spread of deadly and preventable disease through vaccination
  • Preventing overpopulation through access to spay/neuter services

2021-2023 Rural Outreach Impact


Total miles driven to under resourced communities in Montana


Families benefitted from free or low-cost care


Pets who received care from HSWM staff


Vaccines administered to improve community health

Starting in the 2010s our team began partnering with nearby shelters who were not as well supported by their communities. We later expanded to shelters in the south and southwest. When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit, shelters across the country were devastated by low fundraising, inability to open their doors to the public and a massive increase in demand for support services. HSWM worked to manage the distribution of tens of thousands of pounds of pet food, providing relief to shelters and pet owners throughout Montana. By the end of 2020 HSWM had distributed over 67,000 pounds of food and shelters across the state all said the same thing: “Our biggest need is providing services to our animals and community.” Our board of directors and our staff concluded that our rural communities needed help and we set our sights on providing care where access was limited or nonexistent. With help from partners near and far, we launched our first outreach field work trip to the Blackfeet Nation in Browning, MT in April of 2021. Since then we have visited three reservations in Montana and two rural shelters, an average of two times a month through Montana’s navigable months. Our program sees thousands of animals per season, with many pet owners returning time and time again. We do not turn away animals based on age, breeding status or size because we focus on overall health and client needs. We are fortunate to be able to offer services additional to just spay and neuter to clients and our philosophy is to support pet ownership to the fullest extent possible in the field.