Pet Rehoming

We strive to be a resource for our community and to provide solutions and alternatives to families thinking about rehoming a beloved pet:

While our goal is to keep people and their pets together whenever possible, we understand that there are times when rehoming a pet may be the best option.

Self-rehoming options, like Home To Home™, provide peace of mind for pets and pet owners by making transitions from one home into another smooth where the love connection is never lost or broken.

Benefits of Home To Home™

  • Potential adopters are able to learn about a pet’s preferences, behavior, medical history and more from the person who knows them best.
  • Reduces stress on animals by keeping them out of the shelter.
  • Provides the current owner with helpful tips and interview questions to successfully match their pet with a new family.

Adoptability Philosophy

If the above options do not work for you and your family and you would like to inquire about surrendering your pet to HSWM, please complete a rehoming inquiry for each pet or reach out to one of our Pet Support Counselors.

One of our Pet Support Counselors will review your inquiry and reach out to you with next steps. Appointments are required to ensure we are providing appropriate and enriching care to all pets, including yours.