Group Dog Training Classes & Private Lessons

UPDATE: In-person Puppy Kindergarten is postponed for the time being, but we are offering virtual puppy classes, our Puppy Matchmaker Program, in-person group classes, and private training options. Please email for more information.

Our new Puppy Matchmaker Program is a free, 1-hour course filled with training & socialization tips for your puppy. After completing the course, a member of our behavior team will help match your puppy to another puppy or mentor (adult) dog in the community to safely socialize with! Use the forms below to sign up. 

Click here if you are a puppy owner looking to join Puppy Matchmaker

Click here if you are an adult dog owner looking to join Puppy Matchmaker


Whether your pet needs to learn the basics, brush up on some "forgotten" skills or modify an existing behavior, we can help! We have a variety of training options available including small group classes and private lesson packages that can be tailored to meet both your training goals and your budget.  Call or email to discuss the best option for you and your pet.  Or read on to learn about our group class levels, private lessons and our free Behavior Helpline.

The Humane Society offers a variety of reward based training classes for puppies and dogs of all ages. Whether you have a new puppy or are looking to teach your old dog new tricks, we have a class for everyone. Our class fees are kept low, encouraging everyone to enroll in a class using the most current, humane and effective training methods.

Most group classes run for six weeks and are held one hour per week.  Some mini courses and workshops are one or three weeks as listed in each class description.  We are continually adding new class dates to the schedule so please check back often.  To check the schedule, register and pay for a class, please click on the button below.  Group classes fill up quickly, especially Basic Manners, so please register as much in advance as possible.  Please note that due to the high demand for these classes, we are unable to hold a spot without a payment. You must fill out both the registration form and pay with a credit or debit card in order to secure your spot.

Learn about our different class options and next available start dates below or email if you need help deciding which class would be the best fit.

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Workshops are typically one session, focusing on specific topics like coming when called, being polite indoors or ignoring distractions. Workshops are a great way to get a refresher on a difficult behavior or simply squeeze some quick training in during a busy time.  Email Tiff at for more information. 

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6, 3 and 1 Week Class Prices:

6 week- dogs from any shelter/rescue or return students from  any HSWM  class $95
6 week- all other dogs that do not fit into the above category $110 
3 week mini courses- all dogs                                                                                  $55
1 week workshop- check out workshop page for descriptions $20 

Indoor Dog Games

This is a three week mini class!

In this 3 week mini course you and your dog will learn fun and easy games that will keep you both sane on long winter days. A good brain workout will do wonders to tire out your dog – without ever stepping outside! No previous training is required, but we will be working in a room with other dogs. Come play! Your dog will love these indoor dog games!

Off Leash Adventures

This is a three week mini class!

  • Dogs must be good with other dogs and people
  • Off leash hiking experience required

This 3 week mini course focuses on how to hike safely and responsibly with your dog. We will study dog interactions and body language, and practice skills like coming when called.  Your dog will have a blast hiking off leash with other dogs and people!

Out & About Missoula

This is a three week mini class!

  • Dogs must be good with other dogs
  • Dogs should already know some basic training like walking on leash

Take your training skills out on the town!  This three week mini course is designed to help you and your dog practice polite manners while experiencing all Missoula has to offer.  The cost is $45 per dog/handler team. 


A great activity for dogs of all breeds and ages!

  • Dogs should have completed a Basic Manners or similar course
  • Click on blue button above to view class schedules

Trick training is the ultimate brain game that can be done anywhere, anytime!  In Tricks class you will learn over 15 tricks including wave, figure 8s, tip toe, and more! This class is great for tiring out busy and active dogs, and also for building confidence in shy dogs. Dogs of any age, breed, and size are welcome, but dogs should have a Basic Manners or similar class under their collars first.  Our Tricks trainer has over 9 years of trick training experience and has previously trained one of her dogs to be a Certified Expert Trick Dog! Please email Tiff at if you have questions or want to make sure Tricks class is the best fit for your dog.

Advanced Manners

Take your training beyond the basics!

  • Click on blue button above to view class schedules

Take your dog training to the next level!  In our Advanced Manners class we will continue working on basic behaviors, but apply them to real-life situations involving distractions.  For example, we'll practice using a down/stay when you are having lunch with a friend, or using recall to your advantage when hiking in an off leash area.  As with all of our classes, you and your dog will receive personalized tips and attention to help you obtain your specific training goals.  Please email with any questions. 

Basic Manners

First class is held without dogs

  • Click on blue button above to view class schedules

Your dog is a member of your family and we want to help them act like one! Our Basic Manners class will show you and your dog how to work effectively as a team and communicate with each other. This six week session is designed to help owners teach their dogs behaviors- such as sit, down, come, stay and walking on a loose leash- that will result in a safe, happy and enjoyable relationship. This is a very popular class and tends to fill up quickly, please register in advance if possible.  To ensure you and your dog receive some one-on-one instruction, we only enroll a maximum of five dogs per class

In Basic Manners, the first class is held without dogs, so just bring yourself and any family members that would like to participate in training.  During this first class we’ll go over how dogs learn, how class will be run, demo some recommended equipment, clicker training and more.  There will also be time for individual questions and you will receive your first set of homework for the week.  After you register for your class, you will receive email reminders with additional class information, so please be sure to register with an email address you regularly check.  

Please email our if you have any additional questions.

Puppy Kindergarten

Open enrollment class, start anytime! Meets every Wed. at 6pm

  • For puppies 8-16 weeks of age
  • $40 for package of four classes

Socializing your puppy with other dogs is one of the most important things you can do for her!  Socialization with new people, dogs and places is crucial from 8-16 weeks of age and can set the stage for a great future for your pup!   This fun class focuses on socialization, start-up training and preventing problem behaviors like house soiling and inappropriate chewing.  Beginning behaviors like name recognition, sit and coming when called will also be addressed in this class.  Most importantly, your puppy will have the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs and meet new friends, both two and four legged!

This class is ongoing and meets Wednesday evenings from 6:00-6:45 pm for four weeks.  You can start anytime, and then attend four or more weeks in a row depending on the age of your puppy.  Please sign up in advance, either electronically or in person at the shelter in the main lobby, at least 15 minutes before your first class.   Click here to see additional information about this class.

Puppies must have at least one distemper and parvovirus combo vaccine given at least 10 days prior to first class. Follow your veterinarian's recommendations to complete any necessary vaccinations as your puppy grows.  Please do not bring your puppy to class if she appears to be sick in any way.  Call or email if you have questions about your puppy's eligibility for Puppy Kindergarten or if you are not sure if this the best class for your pup.

Register for Puppy class here.

Please email for additional information.

Beginner and Level 2 Agility

A wonderful sport for dogs of all breeds and ages!

  • Classes start in late spring and run through summer
  • Must have basic recall and be good with other dogs off leash

In Beginner Agility, learn the basics of agility and see how much fun dog sports can be for both you and your dog!  In this class you will get an introduction to basic equipment including hoops, jumps, tunnels, weave poles and more.  You will also learn how to direct your dog from a distance and teach rock-solid stays!  All breeds and sizes of dogs are welcome, but dogs must be good with other dogs off-leash and have completed a Basic Manners or similar class. Email or call 549-3934 to sign up.

Level 2 Agility is for students who have already completed Beginner Agility and want to work on more advanced courses, distance training and more.  Level 2 class is offered as there is interest, please email to sign up.

If your schedule does not allow for the commitment of a weekly group class or if you have specific behavior issues you need to work on, Private Lessons is a great option. We have Certified Professional Dog Trainers on staff to help with everything from puppy training, teaching basic manners and solving common behavior problems.

Why Day Training?

Day Training is a faster, more effective and convenient way to train your dog.  One of our Certified Professional Dog Trainers will train your dog while you are at work, making this package the perfect option for busy families and professionals.  It's like hiring a dog walker, only you will come home to a well behaved (and mentally exercised) dog!  Each week we'll show you how to continue the training plan, ensuring success for both you and your dog!  

What does Day Training look like?

A typical week of Day Training includes 3-4 private training sessions with your dog, and an additional session when we show you how to maintain the behaviors your dog has learned.  The number of weeks required depends on your dog's needs and your specific training goals.  Because each dog is unique, we tailor each training package specifically for you and your dog.  Day Training packages offered include our Puppy package, Basic Manners package and Behavior Modification package.


Private Lessons are great options for these problems + more:

  •  Housetraining
  • Jumping Up
  • Walking on Leash 
  • Coming When Called
  • Crate Training
  • Puppy Mouthing
  •  Chewing
  • Nuisance Barking
  • Reactivity and Aggression
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fearful/Shy behaviors

Day Training and Private Lesson Prices:

Several pricing options and packages are available for Day Training and Private Lessons.  While some training, like puppy manners, can be done in 2-3 weeks, severe behavior concerns like aggression or separation anxiety can take closer to 4-8 weeks or more to see major improvements.  Please contact and submit the consultation form below to find the most effective training plan for you and your dog.  

Fill out your consultation form for private lessons here.


Private lesson at the shelter/package of 3 lessons at the shelter $65/$180
Private lesson in home/package of 3 private lessons in your home $75/$225


Private Lesson Packages