Group Dog Training Classes & Private Lessons

Whether your pet needs to learn the basics, brush up on some "forgotten" skills or modify an existing behavior, we can help! We have a variety of training options available including small group classes and private lesson packages that can be tailored to meet both your training goals and your budget.  Call or email to discuss the best option for you and your pet.  Or read on to learn about our group class levels, private lessons and our free Behavior Helpline.

Give your puppy the best start in life through early training and socialization!

Our Puppy Kindergarten is a 4 week package that includes structured playtime, training, and socialization each session. Classes are limited to 6 puppies so that your puppy can receive individualized attention, and our trainers can ensure that your puppy socializes with others without being overwhelmed. We conduct our class in a sanitized, indoor space. Class is recommended for puppies 8-16 weeks of age and 10 days out from their first distemper/parvovirus vaccination. Before committing to a class, please check the dates listed on the class you choose and ensure your puppy is within the 8-16 week age range during the entirety of the course. If your puppy is a little older, we recommend Basic Manners instead since that curriculum will be more beneficial for your puppy's development.

Check for an available Puppy Kindergarten class. 

Visit our Youtube channel to learn training tips on a variety of puppy behavior topics. Our trainers demonstrate with their puppies and you can follow along at your leisure.

Take our 1-hour Puppy Socialization course to learn how to safely socialize your puppy with other people and dogs. (This course works best if you use the clickable arrows to navigate)

The Humane Society offers a variety of reward based training classes for puppies and dogs of all ages. Whether you have a new puppy or are looking to teach your old dog new tricks, we have a class for everyone. Our training program utilizes the most current, humane and effective training methods.

The types of classes we offer depend on the season, and our schedule is currently affected by COVID-19. To see available classes, please click on the link below. Please note that due to the high demand for these classes, we are unable to hold a spot without a payment. You must fill out both the registration form and pay with a credit or debit card in order to secure your spot.

Click on a class to see the cost and a description of the course. Email if you need help deciding on a class, or if you have any questions. 

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If your schedule does not allow for the commitment of a weekly group class or if you have specific behavior issues you need to work on, Private Lessons are a great option. We have Certified Professional Dog Trainers on staff to help with everything from puppy training, teaching basic manners and solving common behavior problems. 

Private Lessons are the ideal option for addressing concerning behaviors like:

  • reactivity towards dogs or people
  • fear & anxiety
  •  aggression
  • resource guarding
  • house training
  • crate training...and more!

Day Training and Private Lesson Prices:

We offer lessons on any training goal, from basics to puppy nipping to tricks. Private lessons will put you on the fastest track to meeting your goals with your dog. You will work directly with a certified professional dog trainer to develop a plan customized to your needs. 

To sign up for private lessons, fill out a private lesson consultation form here and one of our trainers will contact you within 2 days.


The prices of our private lessons are below. Most challenging behaviors require three or more lessons to resolve. Our trainers are happy to discuss your situation to help you determine the most effective training package.

Virtual private lesson $50/hr
Private lesson at the shelter $65/hr
Private lesson off-site (any park, home, trail, etc within 10mi radius of shelter) $75/hr