Emily Kantor Medical Assistance Fund

The Emily Kantor Fund is a special medical fund used exclusively to provide shelter animals with life-saving veterinary treatment so they can be adopted. The fund pays for diagnostic testing, treatment of injuries and illnesses, surgical procedures, and more. You can donate now to the Emily Kantor Fund.

About the Fund

Emily Kantor was only 13 years old in 1995 when she passed away unexpectedly. Her family started this fund as a way to honor her love of animals. Donations to this fund are used exclusively for veterinary care for shelter pets. It enables us to provide life-saving veterinary care to animals prior to adoption. Many animals come to us after years of neglect, are injured, ill, aged, young and fragile or otherwise unhealthy. The Emily Kantor fund is used for diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, treatment of injuries, ongoing medications, and more.