Stress Relief Products

Pets can suffer from phobias, anxiety and stress just like humans. There are a wide variety of products available to help reduce your pet’s anxiety during stressful events such as boarding, grooming, thunderstorms or travel.  Every pet is a unique individual so one product may work when another does not.  Always be sure to follow the instructions on the package and try a new product for at least two weeks (unless otherwise indicated) before deciding if it is an effective product for your pet.  If your pet is extremely fearful, reactive, or stressed, it is also worth talking to your veterinarian about prescribed medication to help your pet and seeking the guidance of a professional dog trainer, like those at the Humane Society of Western Montana.

Calming Products

  • Thundershirt – The shirt delivers constant, gentle pressure to create a calming effect for dogs who enjoy touch to soothe them. The shirt is ideal for fear and anxiety relief from thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety and travel. Thundershirts are available in the Humane Society Re-Tail store, pet stores and at
  • DAP (Dog Artificial Pheromone) and Feliway Products by Sentry, Ceva or Comfort Zone – These products use pheromone technology to help ease anxiety associated with a variety of situations including boarding, grooming, loud noises, traveling and more.  Curb common behavior issues such as excessive barking, inappropriate marking or litter box use, destructive behaviors and more.  These products typically come in a spray, diffuser or collar for your pet to wear and can be found online at, pet stores or other online retailers. 
  • Rescue Remedy by Bach Pet – This product can be added to your pet’s drinking water or administered orally.  Rescue Remedy can be found at the Good Food Store, other natural grocery stores and pet stores.
  • Composure Chews  by Vetri-Science Laboratories – These chews are marketed for dogs that are exhibiting nervousness, anxiety, hyperactivity or those undergoing environmental stressors such as moving or boarding.  They can be found online at or other online retailers.
  • Zylkene
  • Other products – There are a wide array of supplements, aromatherapy sprays and other products on the market.  Be sure to read the ingredients and consult your veterinarian when considering the use of these or other products with your own pet.