Foster a Pet

Thank you for your interest in fostering for the Humane Society of Western Montana! 

What is the H.O.P.E Foster Program?

H.O.P.E. at the Humane Society of Western Montana stands for Helping Our Pets Excel. Our H.O.P.E. Foster Families do just that! Volunteers care for pets brought to the Humane Society in need of a little extra care, time and attention.

Foster parents help the Humane Society of Western Montana by:

CARING FOR INFANT PETS:  Providing the care and time that puppies and kittens need before they can be adopted. Puppies and kittens need a lot of human interaction and socialization. Time spent with a loving foster family also gives their immune systems the time to develop so they can be safely cared for at the shelter.

HELPING RECOVERING PETS:  Providing comprehensive medical care and attention for recovering pets outside of the shelter. The staff at the Humane Society works diligently to provide quality care for all the animals at our facility, but some pets needs extra attention and special routines.

HELPING TEMPORARILY DISPLACED PETS:  Providing a temporary home for pet/s displaced when a family has an unforeseen emergency, like a house fire or a short-term hospital stay.

A STRESS-FREE ENVIRONMENT:  Providing stressed pets the love and attention they need. Some pets develop stress-induced behaviors that make it difficult for them to be housed in kennels and cages and for adopters to see their true personalities. By fostering these pets we learn more about their behaviors in a home setting, making them more adoptable pets.

INCREASING OUR CAPACITY:  Sending pets to foster homes allows us to care for more pets ready for adoption and needing a new home.

Unable to Foster, but Still Want to Help?

Kitten Season 2022 is just getting started!

It is common during this time to have upwards of 70 mama cats and kittens in our fotser network - and we need your help with supplies!


If you are able to donate, these are the most helpful items:


  • KITCHEN SCALES - (small scales to send out with fosters) - great for monitoring weight loss/gain in small kittens.

  • BABY WIPES - especially nice for messy orphan kittens who don't have a mama cat to help keep them clean!

  • SMALL PAPER PLATES - these are shallow enough to allow kittens to access food when they start eating mash/gruel.

  • SMALLER PLASTIC LITTER BOXES - great for shelter use and in-home foster use

  • HOT WATER BOTTLES - these help keep tiny kittens warm, and are much easier to sanitize than rice bag warmers.

  • KITTEN PLAY PENS (or kid play pens) - if you child has outgrown one of these, they are great for keeping young kittens safe and out of trouble!

  • MIRACLE NIPPLES (smaller kitten size, not puppy size) - important for helping kittens who are struggling to nurse/eat.

  • SCRUB TOPS - helpful for keeping new, undervaccinated cats safe. 

  • blender bottle - these help get all the clumps out of our milk replacer. 

  • baby bottle warmer 

Steps to Foster a Pet

Fostering pets for the Humane Society allows us to find homes for all adoptable animals and pets temporarily displaced. Please complete the following orientation/foster application:

Click Here to Access the Orientation

Thank you for your interest in fostering. we will send a confirmation email once you have completed the orientation and application (found at the end of the presentation). 

98% Adoption Rate


I'm Adoptable!

  • inquisitive, handsome, food-motivated
  • male, neutered
  • ~12 years
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