Basic Manners

Basic Manners Group Class

Whether you want to teach your dog the basics or brush up on old skills – basic manners is a great option for you and your dog!

This 4-week course covers all the basic skills for your dog to be a well-mannered companion. We will work on behaviors like coming when called, leave it, loose leash walking, and more! This is a perfect class for dogs and people new to training. 

Please note that a group class is not appropriate for dogs that are very reactive to other dogs and new people. Group class is not an effective environment for treating fear, aggression, or other major issues. If you are seeking help for those behaviors, we would love to help you through a behavior helpline consultation first.

This course is four, hour-long sessions over a month long period. We are currently offering classes on Tuesdays or Fridays at 6pm.

Do you have a busy schedule?

Is it a challenge to find time to attend a class? Or would you prefer to train at home? Check out our Youtube channel to learn training tips on a variety of behavior topics.