Behavior Helpline & Training Handouts

While behavior problems are one of the leading causes pets are surrendered to shelters, these problems can typically be resolved through training and management.  The Humane Society of Western Montana's Behavior Helpline is a FREE consultation service for anyone having problems with their pets.  Our goal is to help keep pets where they are happiest- in their homes.

Behavior Helpline

Are you having problems with a pet? Call or email the Humane Society of Western Montana's Behavior Helpline. We offer free advice and materials to help you solve the problem and point you in the right direction so that you can keep your beloved pet!

For the fastest reply, fill out the dog or cat form below.

Dog Behavior Helpline Questionnaire  

Cat Behavior Helpline Questionnaire

You can call and leave a message at 406-549-9295 or send an email to For the fastest service, please use the links above to submit your questionnaire. By providing details about your pet in advance, we will be able to maximize your time during your free consultation.

A $55 gift provides behavioral counseling for five families. In 2020 we performed nearly 400 free behavior consultations with the support of your donations. Click here to help fund this program. 

Behavior Help Resources

Humane Society Training and Behavior Handouts

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